Cinica is a film studio and visual lab dedicated to the unconventional cinematic experiences. We make documentaries, music videos, immersive web-movies, experimental films, travelogues and photo-stories. Led by Vsevolod and Konstantin. Based in Moscow.

In our work, we aim to share the sense of bewitchment from being alive, the emotional state provoked by discovery of genuine and uncommon, the inspiration of poets and travelers. We believe that beauty is not just a quality defined by cultural standards but rather a skill of perceiving with a desire. It makes us human and alive. It drives us towards each other. Delivering visual insights, cinica triggers emotional development and therefore empathy – the basic requirement for understanding and acceptance.

As a visual lab, we seek for a new cinematic language. We prefer visions over texts. We don't like talking heads, political agendas and moral judgements. We want to experience the world in the variety of its intensities and people. Instead of telling we show.